30-day Fitness Challenge

Much like the 28-day without alcohol challenge that many participated in last month, I recently decided to embark on a challenge myself!  I am not much of an alcoholic drinker so a sobriety challenge wouldn’t be … well … much of a challenge. The idea of a fitness challenge however did spark a little something inside of me, especially knowing that bikini season would be fast approaching. I normally have healthy eating habits and I do exercise regularly but during the depressing month of February, I had slacked off quite a little.  I needed something that would get me back on track and help me stay there. So on March 1st, I started the 30 day challenge and … it was a real challenge!  It wasn’t so much that I wasn’t motivated to exercise but more a question of time.  With school, work, blogging and seeing friends & fam, there is usually very little time left in my schedule for exercising.  Once I took on the challenge however, I knew I had to make time in my day to move, even if that meant getting up earlier or going to bed later. And guess what?  I made it! I completed my challenge yesterday (with the exception of the 3 days I skipped due to illness).  It took a lot of determination to complete this experience but I did it and it felt amazing.  What was also remarkable was that just after a week, I started looking forward to my exercising sessions. The idea behind the challenge was never about losing weight but rather developing a healthy exercising habit.  In the end, it turned out to be so much more than that. I have never felt this energetic and confident in my body.

If you’re reading this and you feel like you’d like to give it a try, I say just try it! We often underestimate our capacities!  There is no worst case scenario because as long as you’re working out, be it once a day or 3 times a week, your body will thank you for it. It may feel a little sore at the beginning but it the end it will feel fit and you will feel like you can accomplish anything!

Of course, being in the fashion blogosphere, I couldn’t finish this post without talking about active wear! It’s always a great source of motivation when I work out.  I just received a few pieces from Kyodan’s latest collection and I have seriously never been this excited about sportswear. I will reveal more of the collection soon, but in the mean time here is a sneak peek :


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Sports Bra & Leggings : Kyodan Activewear

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  1. I love this outfit! its super cute and you look amazing! 🙂 good job

    1. Thanks Elsa! Nice comments like yours are also great motivation xxoxo

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