Back to School with Sports Experts

Blame it on athletic clothes becoming increasingly acceptable to wear all day-everyday or school dress codes becoming more relaxed; either way, I have adopted this workout gear trend. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t catch me dressing in such a fashion on a daily basis unless I’m hitting the gym. I do however have to admit that once a week, I like to slip into an athletic outfit for the day.  I recently stocked up on some sportswear at Sports Experts for some back-to-school looks! As I arrived in store, I couldn’t help my excited as I flipped through the racks in search of the activewear that inspired me most.  From streetwear by Vans & Billabong to loungewear by Löle to athleisure wear by New Balance, Adidas, Nike and more,  Sports Experts offers a huge variety of sportswear to fit any lifestyle. I had a really hard time choosing from the available selection but finally went a simple black and white all-Nike look. I love that this outfit is cute and comfy but even more so that it makes me feel active and confident!  I completed the outfit with my new ALDO sunnies and Mx by ALDO sneakers. Clothes that look good and feel good? I say YAAS!

Top: Sports Experts
Leggings: Sports Experts
Backpack: Sports Experts
Sneakers: ALDO
Sunnies: ALDO

*This article is in collaboration with Sports Experts, but all opinions are mine*