Workspace Reveal – Desk Tour

Hey guys!  I am super excited to announce that my workspace reveal has finally come. Woohoo! It has been an amazing experience to see my little project evolve from start to finish.  It has been a big year in terms of redecorating and redesigning spaces in my home.  As you may know, while I was in Europe this summer, I had my bedroom redesigned and decorated.  I had a lot of help from my parents who both have natural flair for decorating so when they told me they were thinking of giving some space in the living room basement to create an office/working space, I was thrilled!  I already have the most pretty lounge area in my bedroom, where I do most of my planning and brainstorming, but the idea of having a desk and working space was more that I had expected.

Once again, I worked in collaboration with Sophia from La Brancoli Design in terms designing spaces and decoration. I knew exactly where I was going with this desk project and wanted to continue along the lines of the Minimalist/Scandinavian theme of my bedroom. We didn’t have much space to work with but in the end, we managed to fully maximize the space and it’s exactly how I had wanted it to be.  My office space is so important to me because it is where I now spend most of my time studying and working on the blog.  It’s a wonderful place to come to at the end of a long day and I have noticed an increase in productivity and creative ideas ever since I started working here.

So, without further due, here is a desk tour video of my new working space haven!