The First Signs of Spring Have Arrived!

While many may think that it may be a little premature to start talking about Spring, I feel it’s the best time to start brushing our minds off of what is soon to be an endlessly long winter and focus on some Spring inspiration. I’m already thinking of light knits, pastel colors and a few on-trend key pieces that I’d like to add to my Spring wardrobe. Fashion is, after all, at least one season in advance so technically it’s not too early to start planning and visualizing. I started scouring my favourite online shops to see what’s new and my first stop last week was Aldo Shoes which, coincidentally, just released some new arrivals (when the stars are aligned ;)) I know that the idea of wearing open-toe sandals may seem a little far-fetched at the moment but this doesn’t mean that you can’t start imagining your Spring wardrobe or saving for it. If you’re not ready to invest in Spring yet, consider starting a Pinterest inspiration board to use as a style guide. Here are the top styles that got me excited about Spring but that can actually be worn as of now.


We already know that Spring and pastels go hand in hand, and this year is no exception. The pastel footwear game will be big so you’ll definitely need these combat-inspired boots to enhance your neutral outfits. Bonus points if you can do a head-to-toe pastel look! I already had a pair of blush boots, so I got these in white. Stay tuned for their feature here soon!


Slouchy boots have been dominating street styles so if you still haven’t gotten yourself a pair, now would be a great time as this trend won’t be fading anytime soon.  Although slouch boots look fabulous with miniskirts or short flowy dresses, nothing beats pairing them with skinny jeans and oversized leather jacket for a cozy and casual look.


If there is one predictable Spring print trend, it’s got to be floral designs.  These botanical beauties will have you one step closer to the warmer weather. Just imagine how they could liven up jeans and tee kind of day. Easy peasy.


The beige patent Stessy shoes are not only a versatile pair of pumps, they may be one of your best investments for the upcoming season. They’ll work with basically anything in your closet but if you want to pump up your style statement, pair the pretty patent pumps (try saying that 10 times in a row without making a mistake!) with a power suit or denim wear.

Still think it’s too early to talk about spring? Shop here.  The new spring collection will be launching shortly.