Italy Photo Journal – Capri & Pompei

During the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing fashion bloggers such as Chiara Ferragni, Sincerely Jules & Thrifts & Threads, post mouth dropping pictures of their trip to Capri Island. My trip to the Almafi Coast had already been planned but let’s say that seeing all the beautiful pictures on Instagram, it just made it all the more exciting to visit.

Upon my arrival in Italy, I spent 3 nights in Naples, which reminded me of the city of Lisbon, with a little downgrade. It’s quite chaotic (good luck crossing the streets without thinking you’re not going to the struck by a car or scooter!) and polluted. But not all is negative about this busy city.  It definitely has an artistic and architectural charm, in addition to great pizza! During our stay, we spent some time visiting the ruins of Pompei (great historical site), Mount Vesuvius (breathing taking views!!) and Capri Island, which you can get to by ferry from Naples in 40 minutes. We walked around the coast a little bit before taking a private boat tour (ask for Pizzaman if you’re ever in the area; he’s a great guide).  The beautiful coastline features breathtaking views of dramatic cliffs and rocks, crystal blue water and stunning grottas, which include the Blue Grotta, the biggest attraction of the island.  My eyes had never been treated to such spectacular views until today! Below is a photo journal of Days 1, 2 and 3 of my trip.


Dress : California Moonrise
Watch : Daniel Wellington *Use code ”STLEDBYSEVEN15” for 15% off your next purchase*
Earrings : Bijoux VDESIGN
Sunglasses: ALDO