Nike Training Club app review

Being back home means back to reality, which also means back to my fitness routine. During my trip, I skipped on a few training sessions, so I was eager to restart it all. If you follow me on Snapchat (@cassidy.neves), you already know that I recently tested the Nike Training Club App. As promised, here is a short review of the new app which has many talking about it.

Since I’m not even close to being an Olympic athlete (so excited for Rio tho!), I set the intensity of my workout at moderate and the level at intermediate. Then came the time to actually choose the workout I wanted to do. There are so many workouts to choose from so the choice didn’t come easy.  I was on my lunch break and a little short on time, so  I picked the 30-minute full body endurance workout. It’s great for building endurance and developing the core and legs. It’s great if you’re looking for an effective workout to give your metabolism a boost to burn fat. Here are my pros and cons of the app:

Nike Training Club app review | Styled By Seven


  • FREE app
  • Regardless of your expertise level in fitness, you can find a workout that is perfectly adapted to your level and needs.
  • Various programs for workouts with or without equipment.
  • Explanatory videos for every exercise.
  • Warm up and cool down included in the workout

Nike Training Club app review | Styled By Seven

Nike Training Club app review | Styled By Seven


  • You have to check off each exercise once completed. In other words, you must take a small break between reps to move onto the next exercise.

 Nike Training Club app review | Styled By Seven

Overall appreciation

I broke a pretty good sweat and my bum bum was hurting the moment I finished my workout which says I got a pretty good workout.

I give this app a thumbs up and highly recommend it to “fitness junkies” as well as to anyone who wants to slowly start an exercise program.