Room Tour – Minimalist & Scandinavian Inspired

Hey guys!  It’s been a while! I just got back from my 3 week trip to Spain which kind of explains why I’ve been MIA lately. Quite a few things have happened since I left. For starters, I no longer look like a ghost thanks to my sun kissed skin – Yeah!!!  I have also lightened my hair which is quite funny because I had been growing out the balayage I had done over a year ago and my hair had finally returned to it’s original natural brunette color. I’m super happy that I did it though because the color is just beautiful if I may say.  The biggest change that has happened however is the transformation of my bedroom! My lovely brother recently left the family nest (snif snif) and my parents and I thought it would the perfect opportunity to extend my bedroom and redecorate it. Most of the work (if not all the work) was done while I was in Europe!  LUCKY GAL you say?!  Damn right!

The idea I had behind the bedroom makeover was to create a space that was essentially comfortable while being aesthetically appealing and convenient, without  going overboard with the decor. I need to declutter the space and design a room to work in and some space where I could do some photo shoots/videos when the weather wouldn’t permit to do so outside, all while having a lounge area to receive my friends.  Essentially, I went with a mix of Minimalist and Scandinavian decor and the results are simply amazing!!! I almost wish I would have done a before and after look but because I was so excited about this new project, this idea never crossed my mind! Anyhow, don’t just take my word for it. I have prepared a Room Tour Video so you can get  a virtual 360 view of my Minimalist/Scandinavian Paradise.

A special thank you to Sophia from  La Brancoli Design with whom I had the pleasure to work with before I left AND mostly to my parents (especially my dad, the best Bob the Builder in town) who put in so much time and energy to deliver this dream! I can honestly say that I now have one of the nicest Instagrammable-Pinterest looking bedroom and lounge. Let me know what you think!