Spring Into New Workout Gear

With the arrival of spring, I’ve been feeling a lot more motivated to go to the gym. Personally, the warmer weather alone is enough inspiration to get my butt to the gym and increase my workout sessions. I also have to say that my new workout gear has contributed to that motivation. I know what you are thinking, how superficial, right? Well, the way I see it is that if wearing new exercise clothes makes you feel more inclined to move and gives you an overall better performance, it’s a really good reason to do just that. In my latest YouTube video, I’m sharing my latest workout gear purchases AND you’ll be happy to know that I’ve added some color which gives me that extra boost I need to keep me going. Happy Spring y’all!

Look #1
Sports Bra : Hyba
Leggings : Hyba
Tee : Hyba

Look #2
Mesh Cami : Ardene
Leggings : Ardene

Look #3
Cami : Ardene
Leggings : Ardene

Look #4
Cami : Hyba
Leggings : Hyba