Sweater Weather

With days getting shorter and the weather a little cooler,  I think it’s time we face the fact that summer is slowly coming to an end.  Love it or hate it, stores have long ago cleared out summer stock and received fall arrivals, which means that summer to fall transitional dressing will soon be in full swing. […]

Saturday Style

Layered Look | Styled By Seven

I just wrapped up one of the craziest, busiest and eventful weeks I’ve had this fall, and next week isn’t looking any different. It’s all good though, I appreciate the life I have made for myself, even if there are moments when I have to remind myself why I am doing all of this…  Ah […]

Tying the knot

Tying the Knot | Casual Chic Look | Styled By Seven

Like me, you have most probably noticed a lot of knot tying action on t-shirts and shirts lately.  I don’t like to call it a trend because, in reality, it’s a fashion movement that has been around for quite a while.  A nice looking knot around the waist can totally transform a regular piece of […]

DIY Emoji Patched Jeans

Last week, I decided to give my Joe Fresh jeans a second life with a DIY patch project. I had worn these jeans quite often so they had become a little overly distressed over time.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing’s wrong with a good pair of distressed denim, especially if it comes from wear and […]

Links I Love

1. It’s time to spice up your regular jeans + white tee outfit! 2. Boost your productivity during finals with these hacks. You can party all you want after! 3. Beautifully presented and healthy smoothie bowls anyone? These are perfect for Instagram 😉 4. You can still look cute after slaying the gym! Try carrying around these beauty products. 5. Your […]