Back to School with Sports Experts

Blame it on athletic clothes becoming increasingly acceptable to wear all day-everyday or school dress codes becoming more relaxed; either way, I have adopted this workout gear trend. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t catch me dressing in such a fashion on a daily basis unless I’m hitting the gym. I do however have to admit […]

Spring Into New Workout Gear

With the arrival of spring, I’ve been feeling a lot more motivated to go to the gym. Personally, the warmer weather alone is enough inspiration to get my butt to the gym and increase my workout sessions. I also have to say that my new workout gear has contributed to that motivation. I know what […]

Links I Love

1. Loving these 10 summer to fall transition looks! 2. It can be difficult to travel as a student. Here’s a guide to traveling on a budget! 3. Kill two birds with one stone with these cardio moves that also work your abs! 4. Watermelon is by far my favourite fruit. How did I survive […]

Nike Training Club app review

Being back home means back to reality, which also means back to my fitness routine. During my trip, I skipped on a few training sessions, so I was eager to restart it all. If you follow me on Snapchat (@cassidy.neves), you already know that I recently tested the Nike Training Club App. As promised, here […]

Kyodan Activewear for Men

Sooooo, school’s officially out for summmerrrr! It feels so good to finally be able to say that after some hardworking and sleep-deprived weeks. While summer is made to relax, enjoy the beautiful weather and take off on vacation (which I will be doing in about 12hrs – yay!!!), there are still many projects I will continue to […]

6 Study Hacks to Ace your Finals

For some lucky gals, school is already out for summer. For others, such as yours truly, the most stressful time of the semester is upon us : Finals. It’s no secret that the key to success is all about being organized and  preparing for finals. However, coping with exams and staying motivated throughout the end […]

Links I Love

1. It’s time to spice up your regular jeans + white tee outfit! 2. Boost your productivity during finals with these hacks. You can party all you want after! 3. Beautifully presented and healthy smoothie bowls anyone? These are perfect for Instagram 😉 4. You can still look cute after slaying the gym! Try carrying around these beauty products. 5. Your […]

30-day Fitness Challenge

Much like the 28-day without alcohol challenge that many participated in last month, I recently decided to embark on a challenge myself!  I am not much of an alcoholic drinker so a sobriety challenge wouldn’t be … well … much of a challenge. The idea of a fitness challenge however did spark a little something […]